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Hukari is sort of ”crossbreed” of an axe and a big knife - which results to the light but tough and handy billhook for chopping and cutting wood.

A Big Knife

Whether You are hiking in deep wilderness or camping on countryside, You will find it easy to make a campfire or chop some stakes for the tent etc. Hukari is a multi-purpose tool also when building something of wood. Take it with to the cottage. This handy tool won’t let You down! With Hukari on your belt You may also get some mighty respect from Your fellows… not to mention strangers!

Material is carbon steel which is easy to keep sharp.






Technical values:

weight: 0.5 kg

total length: 35 cm

blade length: 23 cm

blade thickness: 5 mm

Haft is made for recycled plastic to hold hukari tight. Blade shelter is equipped with air-holes and belt-link. » klick